5 Reasons To Invest In A Rear Entertainment Screen

5 Reasons To Invest In A Rear Entertainment Screen

A rear entertainment system is an excellent addition to any vehicle carrying passengers, whether it be children and family who need entertaining on long journeys or for business purposes.

1. Super Easy to Install

No one likes complicated products, which takes effort and time to setup. The top products in the market now are super easy to install, the Landrover Entertainment screens come preloaded with the default theme.

2. Built-in WiFi wireless internet access.

Access the internet while on the go with a new rear entertainment screen, check those necessary business e-mails or allow the children to watch their favourite YouTube videos. Supports 3G and 4G dongle.

3. App Friendly

Download your favourite and latest apps for the entertainment system; these new rear entertainment systems support favourite streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime - perfect for those long journeys across the country. Kids can also download their favourite games and play, keeping them busy through the car rides.

4. USB Supported

Have your personal family videos and photos, general video or music files on your laptop? Transfer to a USB stick, and plug and play to the rear entertainment system! Enjoy your desired content on-the-go and watch through car journeys.

5. UI Friendly

The user interface of the systems is modern, touch screen and perfect for positive user experience. Apps can be organised easily to suit user preference, and all systems have exclusive ambient light intelligence to adjust the brightness of the screen. This effectively protects eyesight to prevent hurting viewers eyes.

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