Ceramic Car Coating Liquid Glass 50ML 9H Hardness Car Polish Motorcycle Paint Care Nano Hydrophobic Coating Spray Nozzle Choice

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Item Type: Polishes
Model Name: Nano-Hybrid Technology
External Testing Certification: ISO9001
Item Length: 9
Item Width: 3
Item Height: 9
Item Weight: 110
Item Diameter: 3
Item Volume: 50ml
Material Type: high performance inorganic silica components, lubricants etc.
Special Features: high gloss,super hydrophobic and oleophobic
Brand Name: AUTO CARE

Difference of three bottles:

Liquid glass:used for car paint,enhance gloss,protect paint.Not used for window.

Water mark surface treatment :Only used for paint,improve water resistance of the paint.

Premium degreasing:Remove the invisible stains and grease in paint/windshield/leather.


Liquid Glass Features:

With spray nozzle, easy to apply

Super hydrophobic glass coating, H9 hardness

Act as a sacrifical barrier coating over the surface of your car's coat

Protect your car from aging,fading,weathering and erosion, sunshine, sour powder,industry powder,etc.

Protect your car from scratching, make the car more shining like the new

Only used in car paint

Effect can last about 1-3 months


Liquid Glass Specifications:

Type:Car liquid ceramic coat

Material:Polysiloxane and other Nano materials etc

Hardness:9H hardness

Coating Thickness:30um

Gloss:Excellent high gloss effect, shiny as mirror

Anti-corrosion:PH tolerance: PH2-12

Heat Resistance:Up to 760 degree


Bottle Size:As the picture


How to apply:

1、Use premium degreasing first

2、use liquid glass

3、Use water mark surface treatment.

Spray or drop a thin ,even layer on the paint surface.Apply with light pressure in small circular pattern on around 40*40cm area each time.Wipe off after 10 mins with clean soft towel.


Packing List:

Option 1 : 1 x Car liquid ceramic coating 50ml only


Option 2 : 1 x Car liquid ceramic coating 50ml

1 x Sponge

1 x Dust-free cloth

​1 x Spray nozzle (full tool for coating)


Option 3 : 1 x Car liquid ceramic coating 50ml

1 x Rain&Water Repel Paint Coating 50ml

2 x Sponge

2 x Dust-free cloth

​2 x Spray nozzle (If you want better water r epel effect,this set is highly recommended)


Option 4 : 1 x Car liquid ceramic coating 50ml

1 x Degreasing agent 50ml

2 x Sponge

2 x Dust-free cloth

​2 x Spray nozzle( Degreasing agent help clean invisible dirt,make coating process easier)


Option 5 : Gift Box Package

1 x Car liquid ceramic coating 50ml

1 x Degreasing agent 50ml

2 x Sponge

4 x Dust-free cloth

2 x Spray nozzle

2 x Microfiber Towels(Gift Box package ideal for present,luxry kit for coating)


Coverage: Usually 1pc car liquid ceramic coat is enough for a odinary size cars by wipe method

Usage: Painted Surface

Curing Color: 100% colorless transparent





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Despite the long delivery, 3 days before the expiration of the protection period, the goods are wonderful. Small risks just disappeared, glitters as soon as they got off the conveyor. And dust less sticks. I recommend.


Great product


very good and that is real glass when test with coin


Excellent product.


Everything ok