Full Protection interior transparent film Central Console Panel Protective Sticker for Land Rover Range Rover 2018

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Sticker Placement: Center Console
Sticker Placement: Gears
Sticker Placement: Air Panel
Sticker Placement: Suite Kit
Sticker Placement: Knob
Sticker Placement: Door Handle
Sticker Placement: Gear Panel
Sticker Placement: Door Interior
Sticker Placement: Outlet
Brand Name: Charming Horse
Material: Plastic
Material: TPU
Model: For Range Rover LWB
Year : 2018

Item Fitment:


Fit for  Land Rover Range Rover Sport LWB 2018 (extended edition with 5 seats)


Item Description:

Material:TPU(virtually invisible and self healing)


Feature:Scratch Resistant


Installation Tip :

Step1:prepare the spary bottle (water and 1 drop of shower gel),rag and scraper ,to totally clean the application area.

Step2:remove the film and spray it with a certain amount of water on the sticky side .

Step3:Align the holes first which will help to align the whole piece film.

Step4:Scrape the water and air bubbles out from center to corner by using a scraper.

Step5:Use a heat gun,hair dryer,or lighter to flatten and affix the uneven place.



1.Do not construst it on rainy,sonwy and ice day.Please do not clean your car within 48 hours after construction.

2.Please do not use chemical water,corrsive agents(such as cleaning agents),Degreaser,etc. to wipe or spray onto the protective film.(if you do not follow the above, we are not responsible for it.)


Pcckage Include:

(see details)


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